Food and Froth Fest

15 Annual Foam & Froth Fest

Its 105 miles to Chicago, its dark and….. You know the rest.
On Feb 16, Milwaukee hosted their 15 annual Foam & Froth fest at the Milwaukee Public Museum. My girlfriend (Sarah) and I had attended last year’s affair, so we knew a little of what to expect. The museum plays host to over 70 beer companies offering over 200 different delicious brews. Most breweries offer the basic variety of pale ales, stouts, IPAs, and lagers. However, a few gems will jump forth from their glistening taps and spew some delectable nectar guaranteed to dazzle your taste buds.
The layout of the tables leaves a lot to be desired . More spacing should be made between tables, with signs of the available beers posted on the walls before you reach the table, so that you can see what they are offering before it becomes a crazy huddled mass in front of the table delaying the process of drinking beer. And with more spacing between tables, you would be able to savor your current drink. Instead of having to slam it like a frat boy, in order to get another sample from a too closely placed brewery.
The food selection was decent, again with the exception of crazy long lines. The show would need to be extended to 8 hours, to be able to sample all of the food provided. And who thought is was a good idea to provide flaming hot samples of super strength ginger Indian food? Talk about a taste bud homicide of the masses!! However, the dessert array provided by Aggie’s Cakes and Pastries was plentiful in selection and simply amazing.

All in all, A great time was still had by both of us. We certainly look forward to the Summer Brewfest held at Veterans Park. We’ve also attended the summer Brewfest for the past 2 years, and would excitedly recommend that any self-respecting beer snob attend with a full necklace of pretzels. Hope to see you at the next event.   Cheers!